***  All sales are via cryptocurrencies (e.g. BTC, BCC, LTC, Dash, ETH, ETC, XMR, NEO, etc.) via CoinPayments integration   ***   We ship to the United States, Canada and Mexico   ***

About Us

Welcome to our site.

We are glad you are here. We are a small group of around 11 people with varying backgrounds in systems engineering, data center operations, sales, manufacturing and warehouse operations. We have been in busines since around April of 2017 and recently changed our name when we decided to renew our focus on direct sales through our website. We want to empower individuals to benefit from the crypto eco-system and help them build up equity and independence for the future.

Although we came to the crypto space later than some early innovators, we are passionate about how cryptocurrency can change the world, help the under-banked, reduce dependence on traditional banking and payment providers, and provide enhanced security for a new globalized marketplace.

We decided early on to go all-in by accepting only cryptocurrency payments (eat our own dog-food) and with the help of CoinPayments we can accept a fairly large number of currencies with a customer friendly process. We decided to keep our inventory focused exlusively on crypto miners, fast shipping, and bulk discounts.

We look forward to doing business with you.

Best Regards and Welcome
Mark H. (owner of Miners for Less, LLC)


"The prices were better than others sites, the shipping was on schedule and the products were as described. I really like the number of crypto coin choices."

Mark Huffman
Operations Manager
Boise, ID

"I had a positive experience including great prices, good communications, accurate tracking and ease of the process."

Anne Withers
Private Miner
Newark, NJ

"Would recommend and use again. Thanks guys for the good prices and quick turn-arounds."

Will Whitledge
Senior Systems Engineer
Boise, ID