***  All sales are via cryptocurrencies (e.g. BTC, BCC, LTC, Dash, ETH, ETC, XMR, NEO, etc.) via CoinPayments integration   ***   We ship to the United States, Canada and Mexico   ***

Frequently Asked Questions

Bulk Discounts

(applied to individual orders)

# of Miners Discount
1-5 0%
6-10 2%
11+ 4%

How do you handle customer data?

We are devoted to privacy and the increased focus in the crypto community. We do not provide customer information to any third party. We collect and store only the information absolutely necessary to complete the transaction. There are no saved billing addresses, saved IP addresses, activity tracking or third party advertising on our sites (one reason our site appears so clean and uncluttered). Our site is also less cluttered and responsive so that it works better on mobile devices.

What crypto currencies do you currently support?

We currently support all crypto currencies from CoinPayments that can auto-convert to our settlement currency, plus Monero. We use the conversion rates provided by them during checkout and the time window to complete the transaction will be stated (e.g. 90 minutes). You will see the USD price and cryptocurrency price so you can check the exchange rate yourself. If the final transaction times-out before completion, a new more current conversion rate will be used for any repeated attempt. CoinPayments also helps with collecting multiple payments toward one order (within the stated time-out period) and handling refunds for any overpayment. Current supported currencies include (could change frequently based on CoinPayment internal changes):

  1. Bitcoin - BTC
  2. Litecoin - LTC
  3. Bitcoin Cash - BCH / BCC
  4. Dash - Dash
  5. Etherium - ETH
  6. Etherium Classic - ETC
  7. NEO - NEO
  8. Monero - XMR
  9. BlackCoin - BLK
  10. Decred - DCR
  11. DigiByte - DGB
  12. Dogecoin - DOGE
  13. GameCredits - GAME
  14. Komodo - KMD
  15. PotCoin - POT
  16. Qtum - QTUM
  17. Waves - WAVES

Why do you quote shipping on a per item basis?

There a few reasons.

  • Many times our customers want the miners as soons as possible, instead of waiting for the entire order to be ready.
  • The miners can be heavy and bulky. We have had better luck keeping them safe by shipping them individually.
  • This abates some of the risk associated with loss or damage of a single huge shipment.
  • Our shipping providers are maximized for efficiency with medium sized parcels and the prices are usually not much cheaper if we attempted to combine many miners in one package.

When do you charge sales tax?

We have nexus only in one midwest U.S. state so we charge sales tax on purchases shipped from that state alone. The law is changing and we might gather sales tax in other states soon. Regardless of our tax collection, you need to follow your region's laws on use-taxes or related laws.

Where do you ship?

We ship within North America via Fedex, US Postal Service or DHL (determined by ship-to address during checkout). You are free to work with a re-shipper, if there is an available shipper for a supported US, Canada, or Mexico address and the location is not on a banned list due to criminal activity

Why don't use post your full address and corporate details on the site?

We regularly get more miners before other commerce sites. Due to historic heists and other security threats, we had a choice to make: invest in much heavier security and monitoring, or minimize our location details and keep our costs lower than competitors. We are a small firm, with well vetted employees and we want to protect our team and families...as well as our competitive advantage. Obviously, paying customers will receive our mailing location on our shipping materials.

What is your refund policy?

We provide refunds only when:

  • If we accidentally sell more machines than we are able to ship (very rare), we will prompt you via email for your decision to receive a full refund or wait for available stock. This situation might happen if our distributor under ships to us, we discover damaged units before shipment or other emergencies. We will process a full refund to a crypto address you provide from the list of currencies above at the current exchange rate.
  • If shipment is delayed beyond 2 weeks from the planned date (marked as "Likely Ship Date" on the website): We will contact you via email and ask if you would like to cancel the order as soon as we know that the shipment will be delayed beyond 2 weeks from the original date listed. If you respond quickly and we will process a proportional refund for any undelivered miners to a crypto address you provide from the list of currencies above at the current exchange rate.
  • If a shipment is lost or damaged and all efforts to work through the insurance we purchase through Fedex, USPS or DHL have failed: Due to the costs involved, we will thoroughly investigate all causes and obligations. If deemed lost or seriously delayed beyond our customer's control, we will wait up to 2 additional weeks to continue the search before refunding. We will process a refund to a crypto address you provide from the list of currencies above at the current exchange rate.
  • If we shipped the wrong product(s): If you alert us and ship back the product back, and we can verify internally that product shipped back to us matches the serial number(s) of products we received from the manufacturer and it is in new condition, then we will process a full refund to a crypto address that you provide from the list of currencies above at the current exchange rate.
  • We will not refund for any used product. You should work directly with the manufacturer on ongoing issues with the miner. For this reason, it is important that you inspect the item upon receipt to determine that it matches your order exactly.


"The prices were better than others sites, the shipping was on schedule and the products were as described. I really like the number of crypto coin choices."

Mark Huffman
Operations Manager
Boise, ID

"I had a positive experience including great prices, good communications, accurate tracking and ease of the process."

Anne Withers
Private Miner
Newark, NJ

"Would recommend and use again. Thanks guys for the good prices and quick turn-arounds."

Will Whitledge
Senior Systems Engineer
Boise, ID